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Serves 1 people

Role in Health Support:

manganese (). vitamin A (). phosphorus ().

Recipe Directions

1. Cut the Fresh Wheatgrass and place into your masticating juicer. We generally use 1/2 to 1/3 of a tray per serving.

Good anytime of day but especially in the morning as a serious vitamin boost.

If you are interested in how we juice this check out the video here.

The above graph is an indication of the percentages for each vitamin and mineral that the recipe provides for you. The numbers are the percentage of the Recommended daily intake, 100 means that is all you require for that vitamin or mineral for 1 day. *Note above percentages are based on USDA Figures, effects of cooking and juicing will affect these figures, use as a guideline only. For slow juicing Typically 20-30 percent is lost and 80-90% of the fibre is lost.


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